Katy Hollbacher, Green Building Engineer


Principal and Founder of Beyond Efficiency, Katy Hollbacher, P.E., is a licensed Civil Engineer in California and Wyoming, Certified Passive House Consultant, LEED Homes Rater, and Certified GreenPoint Rater, with a Master of Science in Civil/Structural Engineering from the University of Michigan. She also holds California’s Title 24 consultant credentials of Certified Energy Analyst (CEA) and Certified Energy Plans Examiner (CEPE).

Katy combines twelve years of practical experience with in-depth knowledge of technical practices and the green building marketplace, to lead Beyond Efficiency in helping professionals integrate technical expertise, analytical tools, and common-sense best practices into their projects and standard business practices.

She spent five years managing Build It Green’s site of technical information programs, including the “Ask an Expert” green building hotline and Berkeley’s Best Builders program. Katy was also an engineer at Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, a national consulting firm specializing in the forensic investigation and repair of modern and historic structures, and has pounded nails, hung drywall, and pulled wires on various construction projects.

Beyond Efficiency partners with HERS Raters, HVAC engineers, home-performance contractors, solar electric and water heating designers and installers, rainwater harvesting and graywater reuse consultants, and other specialists, to provide convenient, one-stop service for green building projects.