Glass Artist's Studio by Student Luis Roldan

To Enroll

1. Learn about financial aid, and optionally apply for financial aid.

2. Review the course descriptions and degree program requirements.

3. Decide which program you would like to enroll in.

4. If you have any questions about enrolling please call the admissions office at 510-523-5174 or send an email to info@sfia.net

5. Click on the program link below to enroll.





Green MBA: Master of Business Administration in Sustainability 16 48 $4,800
Master of Science in Green Building 16 48 $4,800
Master of Project Management 12 36 $3,600
Master of Architecture 8 to 37 25 to 114 $2,800 – $12,950
Master of Ecological Design 8 to 25 25 to 75 $2,400 – $7,500
Bachelor of Science in Architecture 12 36 $4,200
Bachelor of Science in Ecological Design 12 36 $3,600
Associate of Arts in Architecture 12 36 $4,200
Associate of Arts in Ecological Design 12 36 $3,600

Enroll by Fax

Students paying by credit card may fax their enrollment form with credit card information to the Admissions Office 510-523-5175.

Faxed enrollments are processed within two business days.

Enroll by Mail

Students paying by check may mail their enrollment form and check to:

SFIA Admissions Office
Box 2590
Alameda, CA 94501

Registrations received in the mail are processed within two business days.