Admissions Information

Shi Lodge Co-Op by student Luis Roldan

Full Time Students

Students are considered full time if they are enrolled in 10 units or more per semester. The typical full load of class work at SFIA is 11 to 14 units per semester. Most students take one design studio per semester (5 units) and two to three media, theory, or technical classes (another 6 to 9 units). Some students take as many as 19 units at once, and some as few as 3 units.

Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Degree programs are open to students who have completed high school or have passed the General Education Development (GED) test.

Graduate Programs

Masters Degree programs are open to students who have graduated from accredited schools or can show equivalent study or work experience. Full-time student candidates for the Masters programs must submit school transcripts, work resumes and work samples as part of the admissions process.

International Students

We welcome international students. We have students of all ages and backgrounds, on every continent.  There are no special tests or other requirements for international students, and visits to the United States are not required. All other requirements are the same as for domestic students. Students must be able to read, write and understand English. Coursework at SFIA is  textbook based and the textbooks are written in English. SFIA does not offer student visas at this time.

Equivalency Credit

A course may be waived and advanced standing allowed towards a degree when a student can prove equivalent experience or education. If equivalency is in question, a student may be required to do partial course work.

Non Credit Option

A student may enroll and attend some classes on a non credit basis.  If the student decides at a later date to convert a non credit class to a full credit class the student may turn in the assignment work, pay the remaining tuition, and convert enrollment to full credit. Note: Classes taken for credit cannot be changed to non credit later.