Bachelor of Green Business and Project Management (BGB/PM)

Available via Distance Learning only.

Units: 30
Courses: 10
Tuition: $2,500

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The two most in-demand specialized skills in green building-related enterprises: business management and project management expertise. You can earn a combined degree in both disciplines for the low cost and convenience of distance learning.

LEED training is invaluable, but it doesn’t cover these vital subjects. In response, the expert green educators at the San Francisco Institute of Architecture (SFIA) have created a professional degree program that combines the best of both areas of expertise. And since your time is valuable, you can complete our expert Bachelor of Green Business and Project Management degree program in ten or fewer months of part-time study.

Our course materials are written by famed green experts. Textbook readings are engaging, fast paced, and can be put to use from the day you start.

Senior faculty members will review your assignment work. An independent green management expert will accredit your final course summary work, transcript, and graduate diploma.

These studies will enhance your work and your career from day one.