To SFIA and Fred Stitt, an amazing program and advisor, whose support, guidance, and specialized degree program allowed me to explore new aspects of myself and sustainability. This program allowed me to be so much more than just a student; it allowed me to find a new passion in my life and open new potential futures for myself.

Nancy Zikmanis, Green MBA, SFIA.


I’m enjoying the text and gaining insights that I can put into use with each chapter. You’ve done a really nice job of selecting relevant text, and I’m torn between wanting to dive in deeply with each and the need to keep moving forward. Please know that every single one of the books and my notes will stay with me for a long, long, time, and I am sharing them with my team as well. My responses may not always reflect fully everything I am gaining, but I promise I’m getting “it,” and the process is making me a better leader and manager.

Dan Ridings


Dear Fred,

Thank you for all of your support and guidance thus far; I am so happy to have chosen this MBA program, I cannot tell you how much I have already learned and grown from this experience.

Lael Giebel


Thank you for putting together a program that has been very useful and productive for me. I know that I have gotten a tremendous amount out of my work to this point. I think that the way the courses have been divided up is effective, and the textbooks selected all work very well together…I am grateful for the knowledge I have gained and for the passion that I have felt for the subject matter along the way.

J.K., Green MBA


I am grateful to SFIA for what I have learned there. It has changed my life. It has opened my mind and expanded my social networking circle. SFIA teachers have inspired me and encouraged me to go farther and dig deeper. I appreciate the organic nature of the organization and dedication that the staff and students have toward education. Fred’s connections to the community and architectural circles provided opportunity for me and opened a door at Skillful Means for me. I have learned even more about natural building, which was in line with what I was learning at SFIA. It has been a blessing to me and I am excited to receive my diploma, which marks not an end, but a new beginning.

Kelly Walter, MA Architecture


An excellent school that teaches the practices of sustainable architecture and design. The school’s director, Fred Stitt, does a great job coordinating classes and providing the class with resources needed to further their education in green design. For those wanting to begin to learn about sustainable design or need a refresh in practices and information, I highly recommend this school. The tuition is definitely reasonable for what you get from the classes.

Jason Martell, BA Sustainable Architecture & Design


Fred Stitt brings it “down to Earth”  from “ivory tower” thinking to a practical approach immediately applicable to the practicing architect/engineer.  In that respect; Fred Stitt clearly succeeded in his objective that day to “present, clarify and integrate the best and latest in ecological design technology.

Prathima A. Rao


I am eager to utilize the valuable education and hopefully enter this new green industry as it gains continuous momentum in all business sectors.

Eva Young


I remain very excited about the program and the information being provided. As well, I tell contemporaries about the program and encourage them to contact you with their inquiries. It’s a great deal and even better chance to support our profession and ideals that are so important in our world today…thanks so much.

D. Bouley


The program has been a wonderful way to learn and expand on my existing knowledge of the construction industry, and I look forward to bringing this information to the real world via current employment.

Mark Mays



Thank you so much for providing this amazing experience and  opportunity to learn with such a huge amount of freedom and exploration. This has been the experience of a lifetime!

Jessie Boudreau


Definitely one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life!

Fred Hong


This is amazing! I have never had a learning experience like this before.

Eric Norris


Thank you for offering this priceless opportunity that has changed my life,  and will forever influence my aesthetic capabilities.

Becky Olson


I haven’t been this excited about learning, ever.

Rosanne Hoyem


I have seen much more than I could ever have expected. My experience at Taliesin will guide me for the rest of my architectural career.

Eric Chang