Green Building Expertise Certificate Programs

Available via Distance Learning only.

Courses: five textbook-based study courses and one non-textbook, 10-15 page mini thesis per certificate
Tuition: $950 per program

Enroll by printable enrollment form

Green Building Expertise Certificate Programs

For those seeking green building expertise credentials who don’t need a full academic degree. Choose from any of our low-cost, distance learning certificate programs.

How It Works:

All courses are textbook based and 100% self paced. Average time for completion of a program ranges from six to twelve weeks. Typical study time averages one hour four days or evenings weekly, and three to four hours on weekends. Self-paced, self-directed study requires no deadlines.

Student work consists of summaries of textbook readings, submitted by email. Each submittal is reviewed and graded by green building SFIA faculty. The final course in each program, a mini-thesis of 10-15 pages, will be coached by a subject-matter expert.

With academic or continuing education credit, SFIA offers the most widely accepted, highest-level educational credentials of any school of its kind.

Study at home and/or in your office. You will be able to apply your studies directly to your day-to-day professional work, and vice versa. You’ll be responsible for purchasing your textbooks, many of which will already be required professional reading in your work.

Upon completion of your specialized study, you’ll earn:

  • A Certificate of Achievement of your studies for wall display and portfolio.
  • Letters of Recommendation from your faculty reviewer and one or more of our subject-matter experts.

Choose any one or more of these distance learning green certificate programs:

– CG-1 Certified Green Remodeling and Retrofit Consultant and Planner

– CG-2 Certified Green Building Construction Manager

– CG-3 Certified Green Real Estate Development Consultant

– CG-4 Certified Green Schools Design Consultant

– CG-5 Certified Green Medical Facilities Design Consultant

– CG-6 Certified Green Office Buildings Design Consultant

– CG-7 Certified Green Roofs Design Consultant

– CG-8 Certified Solar Energy Design and Management Consultant

– CG-9 Certified Indoor Air Quality Analyst and Consultant

– CG-10 Certified Green Interior Design Consultant

– CG-11 Certified Green Landscape and Site Planning Consultant

– CG-12 Certified Green Business Administrator