Structural Engineering Classes ST1-ST2

ST 1

Structural Engineering

This course introduces basic construction systems, engineering concepts, rules of thumb, and computations most used by architects. This course gives special attention to the general and basic engineering problems architects face in their day-to-day preliminary design work. Includes basic structural characteristics of wood, steel and concrete, how to use structural engineering tables and the meaning of concepts such as stress and strain, fiber stress, live and dead loads, bending moment, deflection, moment of inertia, shear etc.
ST 2

Applied Structural Engineering

This course covers the engineering concepts of soil analysis, foundations, framing, and earthquake resistance, from bottom to top of a single building. This course is an extension of the concepts introduced in the introductory structures class ST 1. Note: It is required that students taking ST 2 have completed ST 1 or have a familiarity with the basic concepts and practices of structural engineering.