Construction Classes T1-TE1

T 1
Construction Materials & Methods
This class shows how creative design is derived from nature of materials and construction processes. We start with the simplest materials of earth and stone, then brick, tile, concrete, and wood. Special emphasis on the causes and prevention of building failures including basic design for earthquakes, fire, soil movement, and other common Bay Area hazards.  This course includes: secrets of construction, creative engineering. Note: This core course is required for all degree students and is coordinated with D-1 studio and D-6 History.

T 1.2
How Materials & Buildings Fail: Causes & Prevention of Building Failures
Building failures are epidemic, despite the fact that the causes are well known and easily corrected. This course outlines the exact reasons why materials, buildings, and design professionals fail. The number-one cause of most building failures, Designing for wind and fire, Designing for earthquakes, Soil failures and landslides, Killer toxic building materials, Roof and facade failures, Building accidents and injuries.

T 3
Tents: Hands-On Building & Design Workshop
Learn Tensile structure design, tension members, and bamboo by constructing test structures from recycled sails, bamboo, rebar and manila rope. Design and build a small scale icosahedron.

T 20
Timber Frame: History, Materials, Tools, Design & Construction
This course is an introduction to a centuries old building technique. Includes historical and contemporary design methods, tools, layout techniques, joinery layout and cutting, and the assembly and raising of timber frames.

T 21
Timber: Hands On Construction
During this hands on workshop, students will focus on the layout and cutting of mortise and tendon joints needed to create and assemble a pair of small timber frames structures. This is rare opportunity to learn the architectural possibilities of timber framing and joinery from a true craftsman Armstead Feland. Note: T 20 is required as a prerequisite. No exceptions.

T 30
Adobe: History, Materials, Tools, Design & Construction
These are the most ancient construction materials in modern form. This introduction shows how to select earths, correct mixtures of earth materials, water and additives, and how to plan and design details for safe and efficient construction.

T 31
Adobe: Hands On Construction
Construction techniques of earth brick molding, sun drying, and professional bricklaying. Includes demonstration of hydraulic earth brick compression, and various cob and molded earth techniques. Note: T 30 is required as a prerequisite.

TE 1
Burning Man: Alternative Construction
A self-directed course mentored by SFIA Director Fred Stitt. Hands-on construction and assembly work required. Design and build shelters to be assembled at the Burning Man festival at Black Rock, Nevada, during the week prior to the Labor Day holiday. This class is largely student-directed, according to a schedule established by the participants. The instructor will provide periodic design reviews and mentoring. A group may decide to do a communal structure and/or students may do single structures of their own making. Structures will reflect the ingenuity and free spirit of the Burning Man festival, and should be portable and readily transported, assembled, and disassembled in difficult field conditions. A slide show at the class orientation meeting will review the event and the severe conditions that Burning Man shelters must endure. After that, students will work together or separately on design and construction, present to the instructor along the way, and then meet at Burning Man at Black Rock, Nevada.  Note: Admission to the Burning Man festival is a separate cost. See for details.