Jay Baldwin, Industrial Designer, Author


BuckyWorks by Jay Baldwin

First look for problems that need to be solved. That requires you to be comprehensively alert to everything, not just certain things that interest you. It you are ever bored, it’s a sign that an important part of your mind is asleep. . . . Learn all that there is to know about a problem. . . . Attend to what nature is trying to do – opposing nature is futile, inefficient, and is an old mode way of regarding the world

Jay Baldwin, describing some of Buckminster Fuller’s strategies.

Jay is the former editor of Whole Earth Review and author of Buckyworks. He is a pioneer in alternative design and construction methods and has studied Bucky Fuller’s work for over 30 years.

Jay has been a key figure in American designers’ efforts to incorporate solar, wind, and other renewable sources of energy. A protégé of Bucky Fuller, he has popularized and interpreted Fuller’s ideas and achievements through his writings.