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The latest and finest techniques for expanding office practice and enhancing personal efficiency not for HSW credit.

Time Management on the Job
How to have very fast and productive meetings, extra benefits you can gain from every activity, new office tools that truly help productivity, eliminating time waste in travel and appointments.
Total Time Management

Four steps to doubling your on-the-job productivity, taking control of the interruption problem, the 30 worst A/E time wasters & how to stop them, the final solution to the procrastination problem.

Personnel Management

The best employee screening & hiring methods, why many of the best employee benefits cost virtually nothing, what employees say they need most and get least, the top 20 problems and solutions in personnel management.

Architects’ Guide to Real Estate Development

How architects often prosper most as developers, getting investors, why return on investment in real estate beats all others, numerous step-by-step case study examples.

Design Counseling

How to be well paid for work many others do for free, why these new services are so attractive to new clients, why most potential clients need information, not design, why this is the largest profit center for many firms.

Fees & Fee Management

Small improvements in fees that change entire practices, how to base your fees on a Scope of Services list, why fee competition is a sham, and how to beat it, the worst fee and fee management pitfalls.

Fees 2010: The Study Course

Current fees charged for architectural services, variations in Scope of Work that allow for rational fee computation relative to services, updates on new services and why overall fee revenues are higher. Note: MGT 7 is no longer available for AIA credit. The current fee information is available in the latest edition of Fees at

Introduction to Extended Services

Past clients, your greatest resource for new work, why 40% of many architects’ revenue now comes from nontraditional services, why new services bring greater, more reliable revenue.

Tenant Improvements

Why high-revenue TI work is often far faster and easier than conventional full-service design work, the most successful procedures and techniques for finding clients and providing TI services, expert advice from building owners, regulators and TI specialist contractors.

MGT 10
Small Offices with Big Practices

How owners of one- to three-person offices earn as much as their big-office counterparts, streamlined time-saving management for the small firm, how small-office architects expand and contract to handle changing work loads.