Instructors and Lecturers, Biographical Information

SFIA faculty members and lecturers have included virtually every
leader in green building design and technology.  They include some of
the earliest pioneers in green building, as well as the creators of
the latest and most innovative green technologies.

During a long period when most schools of architecture were concerned
with stylistic issues and paid little or no attention to green building,
SFIA provided a haven for the nation’s most forward-thinking design
professionals and students.

Instructors, past and present, include:

•  Phil Hawes, world-famous creator of the Biosphere 2 research facility.

•  Paul Kephart, famed green roof expert and designer of the vegetated
roof of the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.

•  Penny Livingston, pioneering permaculture expert.

•  Richard Register, award-winning eco cities planner and advocate.

•  Eugene Tsui, today’s most widely-published green building visionary.

•  Jay Baldwin, protégé of Buckminster Fuller and author of Buckyworks.

•  Numerous others who have led the way in alternative construction
methods and materials, and energy and environmental systems.

Those who have lectured at SFIA classes and conferences are a green
Who’s Who — every leading green building expert of our time, from
award-winning organic architects such as Arthur Dyson and Douglas
Cardinal, to the founders of the U.S. Green Building Council, to the
representatives of the largest design offices in the world, including
Gensler Associates, ARUP, HOK, SOM, and many others world wide.