Project Management Courses PGMT 301 – PGMT 315

Green Roof

PMGT 301

Principles & Best Practices

3 Units
To manage means to set goals and objectives, quantify them, assign resources, oversee logistics, monitor progress, and anticipate and correct problems. It’s something of an art, but it’s also a science, with principles and proven practices that the best managers have honed over many years. Textbook: The Principles of Project Management, by Meri Williams

PMGT 302

Project Planning, Budgeting & Scheduling
3 Units

Every aspect of a project has a budget and a cost estimate. Time and cost must be monitored diligently — and this is where most project managers drop the ball. Once they see problems are brewing, it’s usually too late to rectify them. This course shows how to start off on top of a project and stay there. Textbook: Project Management Accounting: Budgeting, Tracking & Reporting Costs and Profitability Kevin Callahan, Gary Stetz, Lynne M.Brooks

PMGT 303

Effective Project Scheduling

3 Units

The budget and project schedules are intertwined, and a lapse in one impacts the other. Like budgets, projects go off schedule for lots of reasons — often unexpected ones. Here are the reasons and experts’ methods for avoiding them. Textbook: Project Management for Business and Engineering, Principles and Practice, by John M. Nicholas

PMGT 304

Personnel Management: Hiring, Delegation, Supervision
3 Units

One wrong person, or a lapse in monitoring key people can destroy a project budget, derail the schedule, and bring down the whole project. This course covers the basics and the most sophisticated methods of human resource management. Textbook: Fundamentals of Human Resource Management, by David A. DeCenzo

PMGT 305

Design Process Management
3 Units

Design process is rarely taught systematically, and it’s extremely hard to learn during the distractions of actually running a job. This course lays out the most effective methods ever invented for monitoring and mastering the project management process. Textbook: Making Things Happen: Mastering Project Management, by Scott Berkun

PMGT 306

Problem Prevention & Quality Control

3 Units

Project failures and building failures are epidemic for a few common reasons. Once you understand the basic causes of trouble in the office and on the jobsite, you can identify and stop them in their tracks. Textbook: Identifying and Managing Project Risk: Essential Tools for Failure-Proofing Your Project, by Tom Kendrick

PMGT 307

Communications & Problem Solving
3 Units

Project managers must collaborate with others, to solve problems and implement solutions. Some people have a natural talent for creativity and collaboration, but most people need the best guidance possible for learning these vital skills. Learn how to bring out the best in yourself and the people with whom you work. Textbooks: Conceptual Blockbusting: A Guide to Better Ideas, James L. Adams Project Management Case Studies, by Harold Kerzner,

PMGT 308

Time Management
3 Units

Meetings, interruptions, and a steady stream of calls, e-mails, and faxes have made time management increasingly difficult. But there are many strategies, tactics, and tricks to keep your time and your work under control. All the best ones, clearly summarized in this course, are ready to put to work during your day-to-day work. Textbooks: Time Management on the Job, Guidelines architecture publishing affiliate of SFIA Total Time Management, Guidelines architecture publishing affiliate of SFIA

PMGT 309

Advanced Project Planning, Budgeting & Scheduling

3 Units

Textbook: Project Management for Design Professionals, by William Ramroth or Preparing for Project Management: A Guide for the New Architectural or Engineering Project Manager in Private Practice, by David J. Williams

PMGT 310

Green Project Management

3 Units

Textbook: Contractors’ Guide to Green Building Construction, by Thomas E. Glavinich and Associated General Contractors

PMGT 311

International Project Management

3 Units

Textbook: Global Project Management Handbook: Planning, Organizing and Controlling International Projects, by David L. Cleland and Roland Gareis

PMGT 312

Regulations, Quality Control & Life Safety
3 Units

Textbook: Liability Management and Prevention by Guidelines or Causes and Prevention of Building Failures by Guidelines, an architecture publishing affiliate of SFIA.

PMGT 313

Real Estate Development
3 Units

Textbook: Architects’ Guide to Real Estate Development, by Guidelines, an architecture publishing affiliate of SFIA.

PMGT 314

3 Units

Textbook: Leading Project Teams: An Introduction to the Basics of Project Management and Project Team Leadership, by Anthony T. Cobb

PMGT 315

Construction Management
3 Units

Textbooks: Errors & Omissions in Working Drawings, by Guidelines, an architecture publishing affiliate of SFIA, and Construction Project Management: A Practical Guide to Field Construction Management, by S. Keoki Sears, Glenn A. Sears, and Richard H. Clough or Total Construction Project Management, by George J. Ritz