Taliesin West 2006

Frank Lloyd Wright and Ecological Design Studio Workshop at Taliesin West
Scottsdale, Arizona
May 26 – June 6, 2006

The San Francisco Institute of Architecture invites you to spend 12 amazing days at Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece, Taliesin West, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Camp in some of the finest remaining desert habitat of the Phoenix, Arizona region. Learn firsthand the work and design principles of Frank Lloyd Wright. See the latest in ecological design and nature-based architecture.

Space is limited — first-come, first-served. Reserve early to assure your enrollment. Tuition is $600 for enrollments through February 24, 2006. After February 24, if there are any openings left, tuition will be $700 until March 24. After March 24, if there are any openings left, tuition will be $900. Tuition includes meals (except when you eat out), camping space, design studio space, lectures, and special events. Students are responsible for travel, camping gear, drawing supplies, and personal expenses.


Presentations and guest lectures on green building, solar energy, indigenous architecture, alternative materials, visionary design, and the design methods of organic architecture.

Plus: Behind-the-scenes tours of Taliesin West, the Frank Lloyd Wright Archives, Paolo Soleri Studio in Scottsdale, and optional field trips, such as a visit to the Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens. Each activitity provides a chance to explore the incredible geology, botany, and wildlife of this very special corner of the Sonoran Desert.

Optional participation in the “Greening Taliesin” project.

Help survey existing facilities, to review options for living roofs, solar energy, living machine sewage treatment, etc., part of a long-term collaborative project of SFIA and the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture. A later “Greening” workshop will also be held in July at Taliesin in Spring Green, Wisconsin.

Optional studio design project:

An Ecological Design Study and Conference Center, or any independent study project of your choice.

Events include:

• Guest speakers on Ecological Design and Organic Architecture.
• Daily instruction in creative design principles and practices.
• Tour of desert botany and geology at Taliesin West.
• The Frank Lloyd Wright Archives.
• Paolo Soleri studio in Scottsdale.
• Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in the Phoenix Area.
• Tour of Desert Botanical Gardens.

This is an event of the San Francisco Institute of Architecture, not the Frank Lloyd Wright School

or FLW Foundation. So please direct any inquiries to SFIA.

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