Taliesin East 2006

Join us in a historic architectural event: A study of nature-based architecture at
Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin
Spring Green, Wisconsin
July 21 – July 29, 2006

The San Francisco Institute of Architecture and the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture are teaming up to do an in-depth study of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin. Help examine existing facilities, to discover the possibilities for such historic buildings, in terms of energy savings, solar energy, eco-sensitive retrofits, biological waste treatment, and more. We’ll study the principles of ecological design, learn from Frank Lloyd Wright and other historic pioneers, and discover new opportunities for green building and historic preservation.

Frank Lloyd Wright revolutionized modern architecture with the essentials of ecological design and green building:

Bioclimatic Design
Nature-Based Site Planning
Green Roofs
Interior Daylighting
Radiant Heating
Passive Solar Heating
Natural Evaporative Air Cooling
Interior Plantscaping
Lumber-Saving “Frameless” Construction
Alternative Adobe and Earth-Sheltered Construction
Double-Pane windows and numerous other innovations in climate control,
lighting, and economic uses of natural and alternative materials.

This workshop will include daily presentations on all these topics and all other elements of ecological design. There will be guest lectures, field trips to local Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, ample time for personal studies, drawing, design, photography, etc.

The program is led by Fred Stitt, Architect; Director, San Francisco Institute of Architecture; creator of the Ecological Design Handbook, published by McGraw-Hill, and the upcoming Eco Wave, to be published by W.W. Norton; and organizer of numerous national conferences and workshops on nature-based architecture.

Earn 3 academic units for optional course work related to this workshop.

Space is limited — first come, first served –so act early to assure your enrollment. $495 early-bird tuition includes meals, dorm or camping space, lectures, special events and tours.Tuition does not include travel costs or personal expenses. Because of distances involved in this rural environment, personal transportation is encouraged. Tuition reduction will be considered in special cases, in return for work assistance

This event is organized and sponsored by the San Francisco Institute of Architecture.

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