Student comments about Taliesin Workshops

“Thank you for an amazing two weeks! I’ll cherish them forever.”
Cathy Hunt

“Thank you so much for providing this amazing experience and  opportunity to learn with such a huge amount of freedom and exploration. This has been the experience of a lifetime!”
Jessie Boudreau

“Definitely one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life!”
Fred Hong

“This is amazing! I have never had a learning experience like this before.”
Eric Norris

“Thank you for offering this priceless opportunity that has changed my life,  and will forever influence my aesthetic capabilities.”
Becky Olson

“I haven’t been this excited about learning, ever.”
Rosanne Hoyem

“I have seen much more than I could ever have expected. My experience at Taliesin will guide me for the rest of my architectural career.”
Eric Chang

“A blast! Excellent in every way.”
Matt Fulvio

“A life changing experience.”
Scott Arenz

“A great experience, unlike any other.”
Kelly Zimmerman

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