Eco Wave Workshops August 2006

Seattle, Washington – Thursday, August 24, 2006

Portland, Oregon – Saturday, August 26, 2006

The latest and most important facts on green building, sustainable planning, and ecological design, costs and technology. Everything you need to know about the new wave of ecological design and green building.

• Dozens of dramatic case studies of innovative design and construction.

• Buildings that improve the environment and become producers rather than consumers.

• Why many buildings do not need HVAC systems and never did.

• Why full-fledged green buildings now cost barely 2% more than conventional buildings.

• New, extraordinary returns on investment for hospitals, schools, office buildings, stores, and housing.

Workshop 1

Materials & Methods

9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

•  Earth Materials

•  Green Roofs & Green Walls

•  Straw Bale & Timber — Small Scale and Large

•  Recycled Materials

•  Double-Skin Facade Systems

•  Bamboo & Other Alternatives to Wood

•  Straight Facts on Hybrid Materials such as Rastra, Structural Insulated Panels, Polycarbonates

Workshop 2
Energy & Environment

1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

•  Passive and Active Solar

•  Photovoltaics

•  Solar Cooling

•  Natural Lighting

•  Avoiding Toxic Air & Materials

•  Energy-Saving Everything

•  Harvesting Wind & Rain

•  Recycling Waste, Bioremediation & Site Remediation

Presented by Fred A. Stitt, Architect; Director, San Francisco Institute of Architecture; creator of The Ecological Design Handbook, published by McGraw-Hill, and the upcoming, encyclopedic book, Eco Wave: New Architectural Standards of Ecological Design & Construction.

Detailed case-study presentations of all that’s new and working best in Ecological Design; the most condensed and informative program you’ll find anywhere. Completely objective — no commercial interests, no ideology, no bias –just the facts.

Earn 3 AIA/CES Health, Safety, Welfare units per workshop – 6 units total

Pre-enrollment required.

$110 per workshop or $195 for both workshops,
through August 18, 2006.

$150 per workshop after August 18.

$200 per workshop for on-site enrollment.

In addition to the early-bird discount, deduct 10% per workshop for all AIA members and LEED-accredited professionals. This courtesy discount is good up to the workshop dates.

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