Eco Wave 2003

August 7-10, 2003

Merritt College, Oakland, California

Ecological Design: The Unstoppable Wave

A Global Interdisciplinary Conference on the Next Great Wave in Architecture. Over 100 speakers and special events, plus architectural and technical exhibits, eco bookstore, and self-guided Bay Area eco design tours.

Topics & Speakers


• Sea Scaping: Creating Buildings From Sea Water
Wolf Hilbertz and Thomas J. Goreau, Global Coral Reef Alliance

• William McDonough + Partners: Architecture and Community Design
Kevin Burke, AIA, Design Partner

• Ecologic: Van der Ryn Architects’ Recent Work
Dave Deppen, Architect, Van der Ryn Architects

• Earthship Biotecture
Michael Reynolds, Biotech

• Self-Propagating Ecological Villages
Phil Hawes, Architect of Biosphere 2, Ecological Systems Design

• Eco City Design
Richard Register, Ecocity Builders

• Calthorpe Associates: Creating Sustainable Regions and Neighborhoods Today
Jason Hilgefort, Senior Urban Designer

• Nature as the Source of Architecture
Dr. Eugene Tsui

• Art and Craft of Ecological Architecture
Craig Henritzy, Architect

• Helical Geometry: A Revolutionary Basis for Eco-Architecture
Jim Jacobs, Architect

• Ecological Architectural Design Practice
Todd Jersey, Principal, Todd Jersey Architecture

• Gentle Architecture: Life and Work of Malcomb Wells
Dave Deppen, Architect

• An Eco Architecture Studio for an Eco Architect
Howard Alan, Architect, Chicago

• Econstruction
Daniel Liebermann, Architect


• Durable Beauty: The Necessity of Beauty in a Sustainable Architecture
David Woolf, Norwich University

• Architecture Conspiring With Nature: Employing Ecological Awareness Toward a Design Methodology Thomas J Hahn, Jr. R.A., Sol Source Architecture

• Designing Between the Edges
Dr. Perry Gayaldo, Marine Ecologist, Univ. of Washington

• Monster Houses, Cafes, and Dogs: Purpose in Eco Design
Robert D Hotten, Architect, and Peter R Diprose, Ph.D.

• Sustainable Geometries in Cultures and Nature
Dr. Siamak G Shahneshin, AIA / SIA Dept. of Architecture, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

• Vernacular Building, Wisdom and Mistakes
Barshia Cohee, Designer/Eco Design Educator

• Tapping the Power of African Vernacular
James Chaffers, University of Michigan

• The Art of Living Well
Michael Gamble, Assistant Professor of Architecture,
W. Jude LeBlanc, Associate Professor of Architecture, Georgia Institute of Technology

• The Suburban Loft: Traditional Poetics with Contemporary Pragmatics
S. Flavio Espinoza, William McDonough + Partners

• The Palettes of Place: Nature-Based Colors in Architecture
Deborah Coburn, Designer

• Ambient Architecture
Hilary Sample, Princeton University

• The Natural Origins of Proportion and the Experience of Beauty
Fred Stitt, Director, San Francisco Institute of Architecture


• Living Machines
Phil Hawes, Architect, Ecological Systems Design

• Self-Sufficient Architecture: The South Facing Photovoltaic Water-Wall.
Juan M Canca, Architect, Spain

•”Eco-Tecture”: The Art of Designing Habitational Natural Ecosystems
Tim Timms, Artist/Engineer, London, UK

• The Nuts and Bolts of Alternative Materials: Making them Work
Darrel DeBoer, Architect

• “ProMotion”: Small Electrical Transport Vehicles
Tim Timms, Artist/Engineer, London, UK

• Environmental Design: User perceptions – Energy-Conscious Design for Thermal Comfort in a Composite Climate
Shweta Manchanda, Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge

• The OM Solar Heating/Cooling System
Peter Miles, OM Solar Association

• A European Testing Programme for an Innovative System of Combined House Ventilation and Glazing
M.E. McEvoy and R.G. Southall, Department of Architecture, Cambridge University, UK

• Dirty Details of the Ecoroof
Lori Kessler and Kathy Bash, University of Oregon

• Sizing A Rainwater Collection System
Michael Garrison, Professor, School of Architecture, University of Texas at Austin

• Ten Criteria for Selecting Recycled-Content Products
Shannon Criss, Associate Professor, School of Architecture and Urban Design, University of Kansas

• Environmental Architecture: Materials Matter
Dr. Susannah Hagan, School of Architecture University of East London

• Design-Build with Alternative Materials & Construction
Cindy Lan, Skillful Means

• High-Performance Straw-Bale Construction: Design and Testing
David Mar, Structural Engineer

• Integrated Passive Design and the Analysis of an Environmentally Sustainable Office Building in Urban Beijing
Lin Hao, Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge
• A Comparative Sustainability Assessment of Standard Housing Blocks in Hong Kong and Proposed Integer Concept  Tower Alternative
Dr. Alex Amato, Dept. of Architecture, University of Hong Kong
Prof Richard Frewer, Dept. of Architecture, University of Hong Kong

• Eco-Sensitive Energy Systems at the Sydney Opera House
Nina Shih, Cornell University


• Roof Acreage Potential: The Fifth Facade as Urban Frontier
Karen S Kaplan, City University of New York

• From the Green Building to the Green Curb: Ecologically-Sensitive Landscaping Techniques
Elaine Walker, Landscape Architect

• Renewable Energy In Landscape Design: The Machine IS the Garden
Jocelyn E Zanzot, University of Oregon, Dept. of Landscape Architecture, School of Architecture and Allied Arts

• Permaculture Today
Penny Livingston, N. California Permaculture Institute

• Friends of Sausal Creek: A Case Study of Restoration
Mark J Rauzon, Michael Thilgin, and the Friends of Sausal Creek Oakland, CA

• An Ecological Design Study Program
Robin Freeman, Merritt College Ecological Design Program

• Bicycle Promenade: Eco-History Trail for Gainesville, Florida
Stephen Luoni, Associate Professor of Architecture, University of Florida

• Ecohouse
Jørgen Søndermark, Architect, Denmark


• Report from Gaviotos

• Report from Curitiba

• Building Commons and Community
Karl Linn, Landscape Architect and Community Organizer

• Adding the Social Element to Ecological Architectural Design and Sustainable Development
Ken Norwood, Executive Director, Shared Living Resource Center, Inc.

• Sustainable Design of Co-housing:
Graduate Studio Design Explorations Through Analogy
Donna Luckey, Ph.D., University of Kansas

• Public Space Making in the Argentine Neighborhood, Kansas City
Shannon Criss, Associate Professor, School of Architecture and Urban Design, University of Kansas

• Ecological Imageability and Understanding: A Case Study of Seattle
Diane Perkins, Graduate Student, University of Washington

• Eco Community Design: Best Practices for Facilitating Consensus
Allen Green, Landscape Architect and Community Organizer

• Loving the Suburbs
Dr Susannah Hagan, School of Architecture, University of East London

• New Applications of the Theory of Matripolis
David Dobereiner, Architect


• An Ecological Design Study Program
Robin Freeman, Merritt College Ecological Design Program

• Environmental Architectural Education: Conscious Instruction for the 21st Century
Dawn Munroe, New College of California

• Environmental Design and Public/Private Initiatives in Educational Buildings
Case study satellite campus of UC Riverside Norberto F Nardi, Architect

• Education Toward Sustainable Design
Jacqueline Schmidt & Madelaine Mayer, Georgia Institute of Technology, Professor Tahar Messadi, Ph.D.

• Who Makes the Future and Where Do They Learn? Inspiring Ecological Literacy through Design
and Design Education
Julie M Johnson ASLA, AICP, University of Washington

• Sustainable School Design: A Case Study of CIWMB’s High-Performance Demonstration School
Colette Marie McLaughlin, Planner,
Santa Ana Unified School District


• Dis-assembly Required: Building the Unwanted Architecture and Urbanism in the Galápagos Islands
Ana María Durán and Mónica Ponce de León, Universidad San Francisco de Quito

• Ecological Design of Retail Stores
Kristina Foskett Charbonneau, University of Texas at Austin

• From Worm Holes to Black Holes: Vermicomposting Technology
A Community Demonstration and Education Partnership David Leary, Architect

• Applying Sustainability & Permaculture Fundamentals to an 1895 House
Victoria Stoppiello, Stoppiello Architecture & EcoDesign

• Zero Energy Home Design 2002 for the State of Michigan
Thomas B Lowing, Andrews University

• Low-Energy Design Within the California Community College System
Tom Watson and Cole Roberts

• Ecological Design in Outpatient Care Environments “Future Trends”
Dalip Singh, Graduate Studies in Healthcare Design, Drexel University, Philadelphia

• Developing Corporate Green Building Guidelines
Dave Alpert, Senior Project Manager, National Facilities Services, Kaiser Permanente

• Sustainable Mobile Homes
Michael A Berk, Mississippi State University

• New Ecologies of the Workplace
Chris Jarrett, Associate Professor, College of Architecture, Georgia Institute of Technology

Exhibits and Panel Discussions on Eco Design-Related Organizations

• Rocky Mountain Institute
• H.O.P.E.S
• Bioneers
• LEED certification
• Pacific Energy Center
• American Solar Energy Society
• Ecological Building Network
• Design Professionals for Social Responsiblity (ADPSR)
• Permaculture Institute of Northern California
• Real Goods and the Solar Living Center
• Bucky Fuller Institute

Schools with Eco Design Related Programs

• University of Texas at Austin
• University of Oregon, Eugene
• Ecosa, affiliated with Prescott College, Arizona
• The Frank Lloyd Wright School
• Auburn University
• Yestermorrow

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